Cyber - A Genuine Threat

Please don't think that if you are an SME you are safe!! Cyber crime is a real growing threat.

The criminals use automated scanning systems which fire all the time. It is not targeted attacks, once they find an open portal they will connect to it and see where it goes.

Target – A retail business in the USA were hacked via a Third Party Party website as their defences were not as sophisticated.

The Government hold Cyber crime up there with terrorism in terms of threat to the UK.

Cyber Crime is a real growing threat.

SME’s struggle to combat due to lack of resources and cost

Point of Sale (POS) attacks are most common and can be done through anything with an open internet portal, i.e. electronic tills etc

Anything with an IP address can be affected, even fridges have IP addresses which can be accessed and temperature manipulated etc… 

Healthcare records are being targeted along with retail outlets.

Denial of Service attacks are for sale giving easy access to disgruntled customers/former employees etc…

Useful websites -

UK Cyber Security Strategy -

CiSP – free tool for businesses

Action Fraud – - UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre

Get Safe Online – – Free expert advice on staying safe online.

Cyber Street Wise – –

Government 10 Steps to Cyber Security -

Cyber Essentials Business Health Check - - This will become mandatory for companies with government contracts!!!

Questions –

Do you know the value of your data?

Do you know where your data is stored?

Who has access to your data?

What would you do if you were subject to a data breach?

Who would you report a data breach too, are you obliged to report it?


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