Technology Insurance

The technology sector has experienced rapid growth over recent years, both across the UK and beyond.

With the digital sector growing twice as fast as the economy as a whole, it is clear that technology is a critical component of UK growth, both now and for the future.

*Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Over the last year, the performance of the United Kingdom’s digital tech sector has been world-leading, with British firms attracting more capital than any other European country. Our great strength in technology and innovation, built on the UK’s excellence in R&D and creative thinking, is demonstrated by the breadth of tech activity right across the country, and the powerful networks being forged by the next generation of entrepreneurs.
*(quote taken from Tech Nation Report 2018)

As such, Solihull Insurance Brokers understand innovation and a reliable, cost-effective supply chain are key to a company’s success.

In this environment, it is imperative to have a risk management partner who understands the industry, is comfortable in the complex technology marketplace, and experienced in exposures associated with foreign manufacture, outsourcing, intellectual property and cyber risk.

Whether your business is involved in the design and/or development of software, the manufacture of technology based products and/or their distribution, or a combination of these, awareness of the specific risks to which your business may be exposed is vital. 

Solihull Insurance Brokers have the knowledge and experience to arrange bespoke insurance solutions with insurer partners established in this sector.

Covers to consider include;

Professional Indemnity

Intellectual Property


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